Teen Court

Teen Court was developed and is sanctioned by the Texas Legislature for teenagers 10-17 years old and others currently enrolled in high school who receive Class C citations in Granbury. 

Teen Court meets on Thursdays during the school year. 


Teen Court Eligibility

Participation is voluntary and completion of the requirements will result in dismissal of the citation.

Teen Court eligibility:

  • Must be under the age of 18 or enrolled in high school or GED classes.
  • A parent or guardian must be present during all court proceedings.
  • Must not currently be enrolled or have completed any teen court program previously.

Teen Court Requirements

Teen Court requirements:

  • Community service hours assessed by a teen jury, ranging from no less than 6 hours to no more than 60 hours for each offense.
  • Serve one jury term. 
  • Pay court costs of $25.00 per offense. Cash only. 
  • Complete all of the requirements within three months from the Teen Court hearing date for dismissal of the citation.

Community Service Work Sites

A list of approved community partners will be provided the night of court to each defendant. *Double credit is available. Call 817-579-5100 for more information*

Defendants are not restricted to one partner agency, they may choose more than one agency to complete the hours as long as they are on the approved list. 

All persons in attendance at Teen Court are required to sign a confidentiality agreement regarding any information learned in a Teen Court hearing, including any persons participating as a defendant.